Consist Delicate Visitor Experiences

The exquisite journey starting from meeting invitation. Terra Nova offers uncompromised consist delighting visitor experience which ensure to demonstrate your company unique innovative character, taste, quality and uniqueness

Enterprise Security & Privacy Management

From the first day of building modern collaborative space solution, we demanded our system should able to meet the requirements of protection employees, respect the privacy of visitors, compliance with internal audit & government regulatory as well of safe operation. Our system including but not limited: System Security Management; Visitor ID Verification Management; Visitor Data Privacy Management, Access Control System Integration, 3rd Party System Integration Risk Management, Automated & Secure System Management

Efficient & Elegant Collaborating Experiences

Transforming any size of screen, touch screen and projector to collaborating tool; Provide secure multi OS wireless projection with tailor-made gesture control for input sources instantly switch capability; Integration with any 3rd video conference system (Teams, WebEx, Zoom…), or try our mixed reality conference experience

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